Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thank You Kellie Newbold ( VICTORY) and Family

I am an Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Survivor. I was diagnosed 2/20/08, had 3 rounds of chemo and then a MAJOR surgery May 20, 2008 followed by another 3 rounds. My family and friends supported Ovarian Cancer Awareness and me this past Sunday 9/30 at the Whisper Walk here in KC.

This first photo (Kellie Victory) is at the Bloch Cancer Survivors Park here in Kansas City. It's beautiful !!! Check it out at: (at the bottom of the page you can click on Park Descriptions or the other tabs to find out more. Enjoy the pictures and enjoy every single day you have with your loved ones.... Kellie Newbold

Kellie Newbold ( Kellie Victory)

Kellie Newbold & Family.